Little Caesars Is Counting On This Pizza To Be Its 'Breakthrough New Product'

Little Caesars is launching a big new product today called the DEEP! DEEP! Dish pizza in every one of its stores nationwide.
The new pizza is “Detroit-style” — a thick, square-panned pie that’s crispy on the edges, but has a soft, chewy middle. It’ll cost $8 and the chain plans to keep the new item on its core menu.
CEO Dave Scrivano has extremely high hopes for the new item. In fact, he described the deep dish pizza as a “breakthrough new product” and the “biggest introduction” in the history of Little Caesars, according to The Detroit News.
It took six months just to get the pans to Little Caesars. They’re specially made to create eight corners, so they had to design them, find a manufacturer, and train all the employees. 
“We don’t introduce a lot of products, but when we do, we want it to be big,” Ed Gleich, SVP of Global Marketing at Little Caesars, told us.
This is an interesting move for Little Caesars, which only has a few major menu items, like Hot N’ Ready pizzas, wings, and crazy bread. It doesn’t hype limited-time offers every month like many other fast food chains.
But the new pizza serves an important purpose. Little Caesars is expanding rapidly right now, and it sees this as a huge opportunity to grab new consumers. The pizza tested very well, according to Gleich, among both existing and new customers.
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