Making Money Without Ads

There have been a few hot-button topics at this year’s SXSW Conference (link).  Among them, advertising certainly still gets the juices flowing… good or bad!  Watch WP & Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg’s interview on TechCrunch:

Advertising – and the future of advertising – tends to generate alot of commentary.  In response to that TC video above, one comment by Donald McIntyre concluded that some current, “model[s] of advertising though is less relevant than what it should and I think all the attention that TC gets is not being capitalized fully. e.g. I am working checking out new in the startup world and I wouldn’t click on the ads about other stuff (tech but different) I would click on a affilitate link to wordpress or a link to Matt’s blog. Or comparables like Weebly and Tunblr. In summary I think that ads need to be more integrated to blogging topics and not colorful squares or banners around the content.”  Read the full story here.
From the TechCrunch Interview (LINK)

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