McDonald’s on Facebook

Want Fries with that???
McDonald’s has 27 million fans on Facebook (link).  Pretty remarkable for any company; but for a company that has served billions of hamburgers, just how remarkable is it?
McDonald’s Facebook Page, March 2013 (LINK)
Hamburgers, in general, have over 243,000 likes on Facebook (link).  Maybe it’s not just the burgers at McDonald’s that get the likes … the fries are pretty doggone good, too   Speaking of fries, over 1.5 million folks like french fries (link).
And what of other big burger joints?  Well, only 6 million like Burger King (link) … long live The King?  And Wendy’s? Oh, just under 3 million.  In & Out is about the same. Jack in the Box?  Well, Jack himself is listed as a “public personality” and gets 757,000 Likes … not bad for a washed-up boy band singer.
What of the up & comers?  Smashburger lags badly (link); Five Guys is verging on a million; Whataburger’s over a million; Fatburger? 30,000??? Do they know what social media is???
What’s your favorite burger hangout?  And do you “follow” them on any kinds of social media (Facebook or otherwise)?  Comment below.

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