McDonald's Tells Kidnapping Hero Charles Ramsey It Will 'Be In Touch'

McDonald’s says it plans to reach out to kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey after he talked about visiting the restaurant in his now-viral 911 call. 
“Hey check this out, I just came from McDonald’s right? And I’m on my porch eating my little food and this broad is trying to break outta the f—-ing house next door to me,” Ramsey told the dispatcher. 
McDonald’s responded with this tweet: 

The woman he broke down the door to free was Amanda Berry, a woman who went missing a decade ago. Two other women also escaped from the home. 
Ramsey became a star after his interview with the local news went viral. 
We contacted McDonald’s, and reps told us that the local Cleveland franchise would be reaching out to Ramsey. 
Could Ramsey get an endorsement deal? Free McDonald’s?
We’ll update when we know more. 
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