MDC Chief Miles Nadal Just Bought A $1,000 Round Of Drinks For Boston Cops

Following the Boston Marathon bombings, online crowdfunding campaigns for victims have gone viral. In fact, more than $1 million was raised after only four days.
Although the latest endeavor isn’t officially from the agency, some folks at 72andSunny in LA — the ad agency that makes the Apple-bashing Samsung ads — wanted to get in on the giving and buy Boston first responders a drink.
A bunch of it came from MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal, the agency holding company chief.
“We all owe the Boston area first responders a hearty, hand-shaking, back-slapping, bear-hugging thanks,” ad strategist (and magician) Mike Jacobson explained on the wall of “This One’s On Us.”
“And while we can’t shake-slap-hug each and every one of them, we can give them a little something.”
Teaming up with EatBoston, “This One’s On Us” aims to raise $10,000 to provide first responders with gift cards for Boston restaurants and bars.
After two days, almost $2,000 has been raised. Nadal, who runs the holding company that has a majority stake in 72andSunny, donated half of that sum.
Although this is pocket change for Nadal, who is at the top of Business Insider’s Advertising Rich List with annual income of $23,797,424, the donation was still appreciated.

This isn’t the first instance of free food being offered as a show of appreciation for Boston’s first responders. 
While the entire city was shut down during Friday’s man hunt, Dunkin’ Donuts was allowed to stay open to serve. It also delivered hot chocolate and coffee to emergency workers on the scene.
You can donate to “This One’s On Us” here.

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