Mercedes' Simplistic Yet Jarring Ad Will Convince You To Never Text And Drive Again

Texting is now the leading cause of teenage road-related deaths, and it is getting an influx of well-meaning ad dollars from car companies. Mercedes-Benz released new ads that bank heavily on somber details of what could happen if you combine texting and driving.
Simple and eye-catching, the print ads feature letters, presumably from a cell phone text. The letters are being pulled apart by surgical tools, revealing human organs under a layer of flesh.
“Get the message?” read the captions. (Scroll down for the other image).
The meaning of the ads is clear as day — text while you drive, and your autopsy could be sooner than you’d like. 
The campaign is by BBDO Lisbon. 
A similar campaign for Mini Cooper by agency Publicis in Mexico brought letters to life, giving them harrowing human-like injuries to prove the point. The letters were actually constructed and placed on sidewalks to gain attention.
The advertising trend towards raising awareness of this deadly practice is unlikely to stop.
A study by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York has found that texting while driving just surpassed drunk driving as the leading cause of teenage road deaths. Experts believe it’s more dangerous than driving drunk because more people are likely to do it.
Here’s the second Mercedes ad, blown up for full effect:

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