Nominate The Most Creative People In Social Media Marketing

Earlier this month we put out a call for the most creative people in social media marketing.
Well, the deadline has been extended, so you now have until end of day Friday May 24 to let us know who is dominating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and whatever social platforms are out there.
A brilliant social media campaign can be anything from taking advantage of a cultural moment — people are still talking about Oreo tweeting an image with the text “you can still dunk in the dark” during the Super Bowl blackout — to a complex Facebook marketing campaign.
We’re looking for it all … we just need you to tell us who’s doing it and why it’s cool. Nominees can be either agency folk or client-side marketers. We will then rank them based on creativity and innovation.
Here are the criteria. Nominations that fail to follow these criteria will be downgraded in our review process, in order to punish lazy, self-serving or otherwise fluffy nominations.

Email Laura Stampler,, by Friday, May 24. 
Send the name of your nominee(s), his or her company and job title, and why he or she is the most creative in the field.
Give specific, detailed examples of actual work they have done. We like using visuals, so try to include images illustrating their work.
Send us a photo of the nominee that we have permission to publish.
NOMINATE A COMPETITOR. It’s important that we have the best of the best, so we need to know who the competition is. This is a requirement! This means another creative individual in the social media marketing world who doesn’t work at your company. Nominations will be kept confidential. Emails that do not contain a competitor will be downgraded in our ranking.

Help us figure out who is dominating in the industry.

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