On H&M Shoot, Beyoncé's Hair Came With Its Own Special Rules And Requirements

If you think that the color of Beyoncé’s hair in her new H&M campaign is merely an aesthetic choice by the advertiser, think again.
According to a source close to the production of the commercial, Beyoncé doesn’t let anyone — not even her sponsors — decide her hairstyles. And she has different hair in every commercial. Each do was the product of Beyoncé herself and her retinue of hair handlers — the client did not have a say in it.
The two ads released so far, “Beach Blues” and ”Wet,” are part of a series of four commercials the fashion brand is expected to release this year, each representing a different element: earth, water, wind, and fire. Wind and fire are yet to be aired.
Our source told us that her hair was colored to embody the essence of each element and “were discussed to reflect her different Mrs. Carter personae.” (Carter is the last name of Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z and is the title she is using for her latest year-long tour, “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”
The source also told us that “Beyoncé has her own hair people and the hair choices are entirely hers. No one else has a say, for real. And sometimes it’s not great.” The source referred to a recent commercial for O2 – a British mobile telecommunications provider – as a case in point (see below).
A recent AceMetrix study we noted earlier revealed that consumers prefer commercials that feature a blonde Beyoncé to brunette. The campaign will show the singer with black hair in two out of the four spots, blonde hair in one and dreadlocks in another.
Here’s the O2 ad:

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