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Digital Reshapes Outdoor Advertising
The future of “Outdoor”?  As reported for many years, everything is going digital … and the future is here for Outdoor.  Well, it’s been here for quite a while.  Just now, advertisers have realized it & have begun to adopt in earnest the new techniques reshaping good, old fashioned “billboards”.
Signage and out-of-door can be one of the trickiest of the advertising arts.  Indeed, it’s among the most involved and even slightly abstruse.  So much goes into making a good campaign.  It’s a little bit like asking the age-old question, “What makes a good ad good?”  Of course, the hard-core science provides the foundation: reach, frequency, demographics … but of the psychographics?  And design?  Graphic arts for the digital age?  And the true art of getting all of the pieces of the puzzle to fit together?
Most often, it takes a team of professionals to get it right.  And certainly, budget threshold plays a big role in making it work.
CBS Outdoor from YouTube….

Outdoor’s Changing Roles
Billboard for the Red Cross, ca. 1951. Found on EBAY (CLICK for LINK)
Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) have been a big part of Outdoor Media’s inventory for many decades.  Check out the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s Website (LINK HERE).   ClearChannel even recently implemented a program that in essence participates in the Emergency Management Alert System.  Press Release from ClearChannel:
New York, NY – February 8, 2013 — To provide citizens across metro New York City area up to White Plains, New York, with up-to-date information on this weekend’s blizzard, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (CCO), one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, is displaying real-time storm information from WNBC on its network of digital billboards…. [CLICK HERE to read full press release.]
The 3-Second Rule
CONNECTEDSIGN.COM recently ran an in-depth expose about the current state & future of Digital Outdoor.  Connecting with an audience in the shortest amount of time possible is still a major concern of Outdoor.  Among the major concerns:  “Often a popular commercial stands out in people’s memories, but too often the commercial is remembered and not its message. Clever punch lines or payoffs, controversial content or  innovative approaches, these are just a few of the tools that can help hook an audience. But hooking an audience without delivering a message is no better than disappearing amid the wall of sound.

While commercials have time to connect with an audience with humor, character, or story, a sign stands alone. First glance may be all your sign has to forge a connection to your audience. Celebrities, bold statements, or something as simple as bright colors can help, but with the number of images competing for focus it’s important to stay at the head of the pack with connective technology.“  [SEE THE FULL ARTICLE – CLICK HERE]
So, is Digital Outdoor right for YOUR business?  Probably.  But you’ve got a whole bunch of questions to answer first; not least of which is:  What does my advertising plan say?  Don’t have an Ad Plan?  Hmmmmmm…….
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