Qantas Commissioned Novels That Are The Exact Length Of Their Flight Times

The biggest issue all advertising agencies face is how to make mundane product information sound compelling.
That was the challenge Droga5 Sydney met when their new client Qantas asked for a campaign to announce the airline’s extended flight routes.
The shop came up with a charming idea – to commission a series of novels that are the exact length of Qantas flight times.
Droga5 collaborated with international publishing house Hachette to form the collection of custom books.
The series contains a range of varying genres to appeal to the airline’s mostly male Platinum Flyers – non-fiction, thrillers, crime-based short stories – spanning disparate lengths to correspond with popular Qantas flight routes. “City of Evil” and “Australian Tragic” are among the titles.
The agency calculated the average time it takes to read a book using findings provided by its publishing company. 
As Droga5 creative chairman David Nobay told Ad Age last week, “according to our literary friends at Hachette, the average reader consumes between 200 and 300 words per minute, which equates to about a page per minute.” 
For short flights, the agency presumed that the books would be read contiguously. “For the longer flights, we accommodated [for] some napping time and meals,” Mr. Nobay added. 
The campaign titled, “Stories for Every Journey,” features design by art director Paul Belford. (See below.)

The complete packaging of the collection.

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