Seven Dirty Words… You Can’t Say on TV? In 2013?

Inappropriate for Some Audiences
7 words that can’t be said in mass media? How quaint a concept is that? Robin Thicke has caused a controversy with his latest video.  Try watching it on YouTube & you’ll need to be logged in; otherwise, you may see a message like this:
Self-Censoring Makes the “Seven Dirty Words” Obsolete?
This is the 21st Century, right? How long has this argument been going on?  Half a century in electronic media.  At least.  Listen to Lenny Bruce in the 60′s:

And, with websites’ ability to check for age-appropriate audiences, has the “7 Words” hullabaloo ended?  In principle,  the age of Self Censorship should be upon us… or not, as the case may be.
A recent on-demand viewing of the BBC’s latest hit, Orphan Black demonstrated extreme violence, coarse language, adult situations, nudity and sexual content.  Although actress Tatiana Maslany has a logical, contextual explanation:

And it’s a hit; so advertisers must not have been too perturbed about it.
Getting back to Thicke’s new album & video release – what’s curious about it?  Not the language & use of certain contextual verbiage.  Not the gratuitous nudity.  Not the over-the-top promotional value…

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