When Do I Advertise?

So, when do you advertise?  Strike while the iron’s hot.  There are 2 critical things to look at:

1. Holidays 2. Historical Sales Patterns

#1 Holidays

So, #1 are there any Holidays coming up & what is their impact on your business?  For example, with Mother’s Day coming up, it might be great for a restaurant to advertise leading into it; but not so much for an automobile dealership (the car dealership should not even attempt to compete with Mom!).

What important dates are coming up in the next 3 months?  Well, right now, we could certainly pinpoint Father’s Day, Independence Day (U.S. July 4th) & perhaps final summer vacation times – traditionally Labor Day in the United States (depending on when/if local schools restart their school year; or if they are year-round in your community; etc.).

#2 Sales Patterns

Go back over the last 3 years & graph/chart sales on a week-by-week basis (or day-by-day, if prudent).  This will give you an easy snapshot to refer to.  Then perform an historical analysis: were there any seasonal anomalies caused by weather, societal disruption, economic calamity, sporting events; etc.

Now comes the hard part: advertise in the hot times.  Yes, I know, you want to move the market when it’s cold; but this is really, really hard.  It’s far easier to fan the flames of a small campfire & turn it into a raging forest fire than it is to thaw a glacier.  You can’t move a market that’s frozen . . . without giving away the store.

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Open House on Wednesday, May 12

We’ll be talking about how to make the Internet work for your business (AdzZoo).  Lots of other great ideas for small businesses presented as well . . . .

Come enjoy some gourmet food, wine tasting and the opportunity to network and shop from an assortment of small business owners, while viewing a fabulous commercial property that is for sale or lease!

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Are you a small business owner interested in networking and meeting up with other awesome business owners? Or would you like to participate at a future ‘Open House with Style’ event and showcase your product or service , or a Realtor or Commercial Broker who would like to host an ‘Open House with Style’? Then come and see what it’s all about!

Bring your friends and business associates with you to this fun “open house with style” on Wednesday evening May 12th from 4-7 in Castle Rock!

May 12, 2010 4-7pm 3740 Dacoro Lane Castle Rock CO

We all hope you enjoy your ‘goodie bag’ gift as our thank you for attending!

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Would You Be Interested in Helping Your Customers Find You Online?

Would You Be Interested in Helping Your Customers Find You Online?

Isn’t that the key?  If your customers can’t find you, how can you provide your goods &/or services?  . . . Of course, you need to help your customers find you and do it in the most cost efficient way possible.  That’s what Ayers Advertising does: optimal management of your online advertising strategy. 

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Existential Advertising Is Not Enough

While the Internet has changed the face of business forever, one large business segment has been left behind – The Local Business Owner.  If you own a business & operate on a local level, then what you need is a complete geo-targeted online advertising campaign to compete with national chains and major corporations.

Local business requires a unique positioning in the arena of multimedia advertising. Existing on the Internet has never been enough. And while  search engine optimization tactics providing a presence with a purpose is a great thing, it’s got to be done cost-efficiently & without breaking the bank.

Call Ayers Advertising today for guaranteed Local Solutions from $179/month.  303.816.9526

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