TBWA PARIS & SNCF Launch Disruptive Price Travel Campaign

Micro-Prices and Mega-Vivarium
In September 2013, SNCF set up one of the biggest vivarium in Europe to promote the smallest TGV prices.  It was installed in Paris Gare de Lyon station for the occasion. The vivarium being something of a large terrarium composed of plants, insects, animals – a micro-ecosystem [LINK].  It certainly qualifies as unique in the world of advertising & marketing…
Video from the “Eurpoe. It’s Just Next Door” campaign:

A disruptive price campaign.
[From TBWA Paris] These TGV micro-prices have been staged in a microscopic word surrounded by more than 500 insects, filmed in order to produce surprising images.
Thanks to an interactive disposal – including a camera with a powerful zoom actionable with a joystick – in Gare de Lyon travelers have been able to watch ladybugs, giant stick insects, cetonids or beetles evolve around micro prices labels. This living ecosystem was used as a base for the production of a set of a national advertising campaign formats: billboards (4×3 and bus-shelter), digital display, POS, radio ads, banners, 30 seconds film, and also a shooting of the event broadcast on YouTube and on the social networks. [LINK to TBWAParis]
Still image from the Vimeo repository [LINK]:
Click for TBWAParis Vimeo Link

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