The 10 Sleaziest Car Ads Of The Century

No one utilizes the power of sexual suggestion like car companies. Cars are a sex symbol, and in the race to sell their brands, the top players in the industry have tried to out-sex each other, at one point or another.
Some of them are just sleazy.
From Ford to BMW, here are the lowest of the low in automotive sales tactics.
Some don’t even feature a car.
Mercedes — “Kate Upton Washes The New Mercedes CLA In Slow Motion”

“What’s hot?” Mercedes asks its YouTube audience. “The all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA.”
“What’s hotter? Kate Upton washing it in slow motion.”
This Super Bowl spot holds nothing back. Ms. Upton, lips pursed, blows a heap of foamy white bubbles off her hand. The gleaming Mercedes drips with water (sweat) in the soft sunlight. The football team actually doing the washing can’t look away from Ms. Upton as she saunters forward, tousling her hair playfully.
“You missed a spot,” she says.

BMW — “You Know You’re Not The First”: After BMW likened used cars to women who were not virgins, there was a backlash, not least because the girl looked to be no older than 16.

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