The 13 Most Drastic Big Brand Logo Changes Ever Seen

Most logo changes by big brands are subtle.
Some, however, are so drastic that the new marques look like they have been created for completely different companies.
Think Coca-Cola — since the 1880s, its logo design has barely evolved. The Coca-Cola logo is ubiquitous and consistent, and it pays off: Coca-Cola is widely regarded as the most recognized brand worldwide.
But logo recognition is clearly not everyone’s top priority. It’s a leap of faith to conduct a major logo design overhaul, but many big brands are still willing to take the risk, evolving to the point that their new logos look nothing like the originals. Apple, for instance, has evolved through a huge range of different looks.
We’ve compiled some of the most drastic logo redesigns in brand history. Double-takes guaranteed.
When it came to design, the latter half of the 20th century marked a time of slimming down and simplification. IBM’s logo evolution reflects this trend — its current design dates back to 1972.

Pepsi represents the path that many brands have taken — phasing out lettering entirely until all that remains in a logo is the symbol itself. Pepsi’s first logo is illustrative of the design emphasis of the late 1800s — the more intricate a design, the better. Things certainly have changed.

Adolf Hitler is often credited for designing an early version of the iconic VW Beetle. The pre-WWII logo for the car manufacturer bears Hitler’s influence as well, a Nazi-style swastika clearly outlining the perimeter. VW dropped the swastika quickly for a cleaner design that eventually became today’s button-like logo.

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