The 37 Richest People In Advertising, Ranked By Income

Who are the best-paid people in advertising? Yes, WPP’s Martin Sorrell, Omnicom’s John Wren and Publicis Groupe’s Maurice Levy are on this list.
But who did best, and who took a cut last year?
One of these agency titans received a one-off payment of $21 million in 2012 — and yet he’s still not the best-compensated executive in the business.
Another saw his pay cut by $14.5 million — he had to make ends meet on $9.3 million.
Like last year, our list contains only one woman. And again, they’re almost all white. We say “almost,” because a couple of them have very low industry profiles — so low we can’t find photos of them.
Methodology: Our ranking looked at SEC filings and European corporate disclosures. We counted annual income and stock grants only. That means our ranking doesn’t look at total holdings of stock from years gone by. That’s a flaw because a lot of people on this list hold the vast majority of their net worth in stock they accumulated in previous years. It also doesn’t include executives from private, non-publicly traded agencies. Last year, Aegis was acquired by the non-transparent Japanese company Dentsu, so we replaced those executives on our list with the folks from Sapient and its SapientNitro unit.
37. Yannick Bolloré

Compensation: $544,856
Company: Havas Worldwide (managing director/deputy CEO)
Notes: He’s the son of Vincent Bollore, who owns the Bollore/Havas empire. This is his first year on the list.

36. David B. Doft (23 last year)

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