The Most Interesting Man on YouTube

The Most Interesting Man in the World?
“His two cents is worth $37 and change.”  And he’s everywhere!  The Dos Equis “spokesman” appears on YouTube:

Dos Equis and more Social Media
Believe it or not, while these ads are entirely creative & quite entertaining to many, Dos Equis’ brand philosophy actually follows from its history. Here’s what the Company says on its Facebook page: “Created in Mexico by a German brewmaster, formulated in the 19th century to welcome the 20th, XX is simultaneously a mysterious dichotomy and a world-class beer brand.” (July 2, 2013.)  So, that’s where “The Most Interesting Man in the World” comes from!?
Screenshot from Facebook:
Screenshot, July 2, 2012. CLICK to visit Facebook page.
And he’s on Instagram, too (LINK) And Twitter (LINK). And Foursquare (LINK). And … well, you get the idea.  Or, just go to …. Stay thirsty, my advertising friends!

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