The US Army Made Some Strange PSAs Starring A Soldier Dressed Up As Batman

According to new official PSAs, made by the U.S. Army, the Bagram military base in Afghanistan has a special someone keeping its soldiers in check and following safety procedures: Batman.
Listening to Taylor Swift while going for a jog around the barracks? Not so fast. A soldier in army fatigues and a Batman mask and cape comes out of nowhere and knocks headphones guy — too entranced by T-Swift to notice the warning siren go off — to the ground.
“Never wear your headphones while you’re running.”
“I’m sorry Batman, I’ll never do it again.”
“Swear to me!”

There are other videos in the series, actually posted to the U.S. Army’s Youtube page, have similar themes.
Don’t forget your weapon! 

Don’t smoke near flammable liquids!

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