These Brand Successes Will Give You Faith In Social Media

With so many social media platforms to choose from, knowing which one will generate results, or even figuring out how you can use them to achieve your objectives can be difficult to figure out.
Because examples tell you more than theory ever could, we’ve rounded up 50 different resources for you to get into and help improve your business. Covering everything from Facebook to Pinterest to email marketing, you’ll find useful case studies for you to take inspiration from, regardless of which platform you use.
Brands are always talking about advertising on Facebook, but these campaigns are the ones to emulate:

– Co-create lists what it feels are the five best campaigns that appeared on Facebook,none of which required actual Facebook ads.
– How a Facebook campaign helped increase sales by 35% and get free PR worth €200,000.
– Econsultancy looks at whether Facebook promoted posts work or not.
– Cadbury’s experiments with its content saw it gain 40,000 new fans on its Facebook page and 350,000 people were actively involved in the campaign.
– Coca-Cola used face recognition technology in Israel by placing machines around theme parks. People could log in to its Facebook app using nothing but their face.

Oreo isn’t the only brand to rule Twitter:

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