This Ad Agency Charges $999 For A Single Tweet

The self-proclaimed World’s Fastest Agency launched yesterday, and it has a strange new business pitch:
1) Deposit $999 via PayPal to
2) Send client brief via DM to @fastestagency 
3) Receive twitter DM pitch within 24 hours
That’s right, a thousand bucks for a 140-character pitch.
The agency uses the following example: A car company gives the brief: “Gain media and buzz for our park-anywhere small car.” The response: “Attach replica cars to landmark city buildings.”

That’s a hypothetical example based on World’s Fastest Ad Agency founder Floyd Hayes’ work for Mini while he was a creative at Cunning in London. At the moment, it looks like there’s no follow-up or clarification of the 140 character idea. If the company doesn’t immediately get the “vision,” this could be a wasted investment.
Hayes has made headlines for his strange and creative ideas in the past. He sent a 3D replica of his head to prospective employers with the note, “It is time for me to get some new business in the door. In addition to email, social media, meetings and word of mouth, I thought I’d send out 3D printed heads to key prospects. I quite like the line ‘tiny head big ideas’ – as in real life I do have a small head ”
Hayes also used 40 young adults’ foreheads as billboards for the Ford Scion in Times Square.
But it’s unclear if businesses will be working with Hayes directly, or if he’s just going to be consulting with agencies. Hayes told PSFK that he’ll be working with a fleet of freelance advertising creatives to produce good work and fast.
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