This Data Shows Why Brands Need To Get On Vine [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:
Vine 6-second videos get shared four times more than normal online videos, says Unruly Media. And there’s even more good news for brands. According to the company’s data, 4% of the top 100 viral Vines are made by brands. Only 1% of the top 100 viral online videos are made by brands.
Brooks Brothers is getting into the Gatsby spirit.
Trojan condoms pays tribute to Austin Powers.
BuzzFeed is now training agencies to create BuzzFeed-like content.
IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg wrote an open letter to “advertising agencies everywhere” to address agency fragmentation. This was a response to yesterday’s open letter from media agency leaders from the Digital Content NewFronts to “digital video publishers everywhere.” You can read all of Rothenberg’s letter here.
Speaking of the IAB, reports say that AOL is now making its sales team pass the organization’s Digital Media Sales Certification exam.
Havas poached Ogilvy planning leader Tim Maleeny to become its chief strategy officer in New York.
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