This Is The Worst Ad For Whiskey We've Ever Seen

A man and a woman face each other, naked, upside down, and vomit into each other’s faces.
Or perhaps they’re just spitting colored water.
“Keep it together. Know your limit.”
This is the visual currently running as part of a campaign for White Pike Whiskey. You can see some of the ads on Animal New York.
The ad was derived from a set of artsy black-and-white photos running on White Pike’s web site. The work employs every hipster cliche you can think of: beards, retro sailor tattoos, rural Americana, and out-of-focus imagery that looks like it was “found” on the street.
And lots of partial nudity.
If all of this sounds like an ad agency joke … it is, kinda. White Pike was created by ad agency Mother New York only last year. The agency owns and sells the brand, which is aged for just 18 minutes before bottling. They literally spent more time designing the packaging than making the product.
Here are some more images from the White Pike web site:

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