This Music Video Uses Your Computer Cursor To Create Itself

The coolest music video we’ve ever seen is also a feat of computer programming.
The video crowdsources the cursor path of every viewer who watches it. As it plays, there are instructions for your mouse movements across the screen, which are recorded and then played back in later versions of the video.
Along the way, viewers are instructed to “Play The Bass,” “Make A Mask,” and, simply, “Smiley.”
The video can be found at The band responsible for this awesomeness is Light Light from the Netherlands. The tech work was done by Amsterdam-based design studio Moniker.
Moniker announced that this video celebrates “the nearing end of the computer cursor,” offering a space “where all our cursors can be seen together for one last time.”
Remaining loyal to the cursor, the video has no interactive feature on mobile devices. Mobile users are asked to “please use a mouse.”
Watch the video now and let your cursor be the star >

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