This Number Shows The Problem With Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' Video

While almost 34 million people have viewed Dove’s heartwarming “Real Beauty Sketches” video in just two weeks, marketing analysts are wondering if the campaign will actually sell soap.
An impromptu survey of 100 random women in New York City by RAPP global chief strategy officer Loren Grossman provided some numbers that should scare the company: 70% of women couldn’t identify that Dove made the video.
“It’s hardly a definitive sample, I know, but with interesting responses nonetheless,” he wrote in Ad Age.
An overwhelming majority of women who saw the short film — in which an FBI-trained sketch artist showed women that they were more beautiful than they think after comparing drawings based on their own descriptions to how strangers would (more favorably) describe their features — gave a very positive response, but does that really matter if viewers don’t associate that message with Dove?
In fact, when Grossman asked his sample if they thought that the video was Nike, Lululemon, Sephora, Dove, or Women’s Health, the top guesses were split between the final three.
Bloggers have been critical of many attributes of the campaign, but if Grossman’s findings prove true for the general public, then that’s what will hurt Dove at the end of the day.
Watch “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” below:

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