This Television Commercial Was Filmed Entirely On An iPhone 5

To emphasize its mobile capabilities, Allied Irish Bank shot its new 30-second TV ad only using an iPhone 5.
While it doesn’t have awe-inspiring special effects — the Rothco-created ad shoots the passing landscape seen out of a train window — it does spread the message for a fraction of a normal marketing budget.
Ducati used an iPhone 4 to shoot an ad in 2010, but it was three and a half minutes long and never meant for TV. This spot is television ready.
“It was a big decision to shoot the ad on the iPhone,” Rothco creative director Damian Hanley told Mashable, “but once we did some preliminary tests, we knew that they were able to deliver high quality footage.”
Smartphones have begun playing an essential role in marketing strategies. 
While advertisers have been experimenting with Instagram for a while, Vine is the new platform to watch. If a brand wants to share its 6-second message with the world, then everything has to be shot on an iPhone.
Watch the ad below:

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