TV Will Reach 'Tipping Point' in 2014 As 50% Of Americans Watch Online

Fifty percent of Americans will watch digital TV online — via iPad, laptop or internet TV — next year, according to eMarketer in conjunction with regular cable TV.
They won’t have given up cable, but the fact that nearly half of Americans already feel comfortable regularly watching movies and TV shows on computers (in addition or as a replacement for cable) is a “tipping point” for the business, the company says.
Here are its estimates for those who watch online at least once a month (at right).
“Digital TV viewers will cross a critical tipping point in 2014, surpassing 50% of the US internet user population,” the company says.
And 30 percent of viewers are now potential cord-cutters, eMarketer estimates.
It also notes that Netflix‘s revenues, despite the company’s troubles, have continued to rise:

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