Victoria's Secret Fans Hate Karlie Kloss's Short Hair In A Recent Ad Campaign

When Karlie Kloss walked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year, she wore hair extensions that lengthened her signature bob. 
But Victoria’s Secret recently showcased the highly popular haircut, now branded “The Karlie,” in its most recent ad campaign, and fans weren’t happy about it. 
“Short hair isn’t sexy,” fumed one self-described Victoria’s Secret fan on the forum site Fashin. 
“I think Karlie is kind of a modest sexy but I don’t think her current librarian hair is really doing her any favors,” another shopper wrote on the forum. “She clearly sticks out like a sore thumb next to these more bombshell types.” 
Kloss originally cut her hair for a Vogue photo shoot.
Victoria’s Secret hasn’t featured short-haired models in the past, and featuring Kloss’s short hairstyle is a bold move. 
The retailer was so desperate to give Kloss the appearance of long hair at its fashion show that it reportedly spent $75,000 on expensive extensions. 
Victoria’s Secret probably felt emboldened by the popularity of Kloss’s cut, and decided to feature her shorter hair in the campaign. 
Kloss told People magazine she hopes her haircut makes other women more confident. 
“There are girls out there with every body type and there are girls out there with every hair type,” Kloss said. “You can be sexy with short hair!”

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