Volvo's New Ads Are Anti-Rich People

A new ad campaign from Arnold Worldwide positions the Volvo as the car of everyday individuals, or “real people” — not the wealthy.
Rich people are silly, the campaign jokingly implies, and they should stick to luxury brands like Mercedes (featured in the campaign’s TV commercial).
The commercial (below) comes with a slew of humorous print ads that poke more fun at the super-wealthy. The basic message is that if you are in “the 1%,” or behave as if you’d like to be, a Volvo probably isn’t for you.
The campaign seems to be reaching beyond Volvo’s wealthy suburbanite core. But the price of a new Volvo hovers right around the Mercedes/BMW range for comparable models, at $33,300 – $48,150. So the butt of the joke also appears to be Volvo’s own self-effacing target market.
See the anti-rich commercial below, and scroll down for more print ads:



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