Wendy's Developed This New Flatbread To Crush Panera Bread

Wendy’s has developed a healthy, whole-grain chicken flatbread that is intended to give it an advantage over competitor Panera Bread. 
The flatbreads come in smoky honey mustard and asiago ranch flavors, reports Mary Vanac at The Columbus Dispatch. The sandwiches include a five-grain flatbread, grilled chicken, tomato, and spring greens. 
Some Wendy’s research and development employees told Vanac that they see Panera Bread as the company’s biggest competitor. 
The brand is also trying to eschew its fast food image through its “A Cut Above” advertising campaign. The company even went so far as to remodel stores to give them a more upscale feel.
Even with the flatbread, consumers view Panera Bread as way healthier than Wendy’s, according to a YouGov BrandIndex survey. 
The reason is simple: Wendy’s core menu items are burgers and fries, while Panera Bread’s are sandwiches and salads made with organic chicken and vegetables. 
Still, consumers think that Wendy’s is much healthier than competitor McDonald’s. 
Wendy’s flatbread is unlikely to compete with Panera Bread’s extensive, healthy menu. But it could give the fast food chain some calorie-conscious market share. 
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