Why New Top Level Domains?

Distinct TLDs
From an advertising & marketing standpoint, what value do the new top-level domains bring?  Uniqueness, certainly. Given the increasing mobile-nature of internet commerce, it is likely that the domain extension will matter less and less.  After all, it’s pretty rare that one actually notices the web address on his or her mobile application.  And the uniqueness of the root name is ultimately what gets notices.
So, for example, if one is looking for “diamonds” it may not matter if they are .com, .net, .us, .info, .mail, .club, .news or .shop … on the other hand, this is what many of the top registrars are hailing as the importance of the new TLDs: to specify the unique attributes of the business or thing; i.e., is it a “chevy.car”, a “chevy.club”, “chevy.blog” or “chevy.news”.  GoDaddy.com, Name.com, 1and1.com, Network Solutions, Domain.com and many others have their own take on it.
Domain Principles
Here’s what 1&1 says:  ”…The domain you want has already been taken?  Now there are hundreds of new variations to choose from!  With over 700 new domain extensions! Finally you can… in principle… choose any domain extension to perfectly match your website!  If you can secure a suitable domain on an interesting topic it can ensure for you a hugely competitive commercial advantage, and many more website visitors!  Many businesses prefer to have variations of short, memorable Internet domains.  And for many industries, the new domain extensions can give you the best address on the web.  If you’re looking for a great email address the best choice is .Mail!  Even for personal customers, there are countless new top domains to choose from…”

1&1 Screenshot – Click for their website…

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