Why Taco Bell Is Changing Its Menu [THE BRIEF]

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Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told reporters that the chain, famous for its “fourth meal” option, is going to get a little healthier based on stricter nutritional standards, Ad Age reports. In other words, it’s trying to make 20 percent of combo meals only have 666 calories and under, thus accounting for one third of America’s recommended daily guidelines. Creed says he wants his company to stay virtually the same, just as a “better Taco Bell.”
Evidon created an app called Ad Control that opts out of targeted ads on mobile devices.
Walmart wants more content from brands.
Was Margaret Thatcher good for advertising in the UK?
Crispin, Porter + Bogusky hired Dave and Goliath alum David Measter to lead strategy for Microsoft Windows.
Verizon is reviewing its multicultural business. It has worked with GlobalHue for nine years. While the shop is invited to participate, Verizon is looking elsewhere.
There are some staff layoffs at Arnold Boston.
Justin Bieber is peddling a debit card.
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