Why Volkswagen Doesn't Care If You Skip Its YouTube Ad After 5 Seconds

Volkswagen doesn’t care if you skip over its YouTube pre-roll ad for the new Fusca (the Brazilian form of the Beetle) after five seconds.
In fact, VW designed the ad in a way that it will automatically skip itself for you so you can get to whatever cat video you were planning on watching. Volkswagen explains that the skipping action is the “most boring thing of the internet.”

This is all a part of its way of promoting a new function called “DSG Tiptonic Transmission,” which shifts gears automatically.
Agency AlmapBBDO has made really cool digital ads in the past. Most notably, an ad for car insurance provider Bradesco that appeared in iPad magazines. It looked like a traditional car ad, but when users started to swipe to turn the page, the car crashed into the side of the tablet. The tagline read: “Unexpected events happen without warning. Make a Bradesco car insurance plan.”
Volkswagen is also on a roll with ways to spice out dull internet practices, including SEO strategies.
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