Will.i.am. Won An Honorary 2013 Clio Award [THE BRIEF]

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Musician Will.i.am. won an honorary 2013 Clio award.
Although Microsoft‘s latest commercial isn’t as contentious as its “You Got Scroogled” campaign, the ad does take on Google by touting its own dedication to privacy. Last summer, Microsoft introduced an automatic “Do Not Track” feature in Internet Explorer 10, which angered much of the ad community. Then it rolled out a series of ads that slammed Google for not respecting consumers. While Google isn’t named in this new campaign, its unspoken implication in the ad comes out loud and clear. According to Ad Age, the TV, print, and billboard ads will primarily target Kansas, where Google introduced Google Fiber, and Washington DC, where policymakers live.

Ad Age wonders if Carnival will ever recover from its “ship-storms.”
Clorox‘s environmentally-friendly Green Works cleaning products is trying to become mainstream as opposed to niche and costing premium prices.
Focusing on big discounts didn’t up McDonald’s sales — in fact the numbers dipped in Q1.
Adweek looks at how Johnson & Johnson and Acuvue uses real-time data.
Two B-Reel creative directors, Ricardo Viramontes and Hector Muelas, joined TBWA/Media Arts Lab to work on Apple, says Agency Spy.
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