Yelp does not Engage in Extortion

Yelp Versus Businesses
So, in the world of reputation management & directory advertising, Yelp has not had a suffering reputation of its own, when it comes to business’ perceptions, experiences and comments.  Yelp’s Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs, Vince Sollitto recently tried to set the record straight on his Blog.  Wrote Sollitto:
“Some news outlets have recently run stories or columns re-hashing the sensational allegation that Yelp manipulates reviews and ratings to reward advertisers or punish non-advertisers. Let me be clear: This claim is not — and has never been — true.” [Read the full Blog – LINK]
Okay.  What of the various complaints from businesses?  Erroneous?  Faulty perception?  Vindictiveness?
Discussion on YouTube…

An interesting discussion.  In the pre-internet era, before Al Gore invented it, businesses accused the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of many of the same things that Yelp is being accused of today. As one BBB critic puts it, “The Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages and solicits money from the very businesses they monitor! How could this be beneficial to the consumer?“  Good question. [LINK]
Whether rightly or wrongly, reputation management can be a full-time job for some businesses – whether it’s real Customer Relationship Management or not.  The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Screenshot of a search of “Yelp Sucks” on YouTube:
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